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What Are The Primary Roles And Responsibilities Of A Religious Organization Attorney?

Considering that all churches are designed to promote spiritual growth and nourishment, it may be a little difficult for some to imagine why a church might need the services of an attorney.

There are several legal aspects involved in churches and other similar religious organizations. While most such institutions start small, they tend to grow in size, adding buildings, property, schools, and several other community services.

So, it is in numerous ways that churches can significantly benefit from hiring a professional Sumter, SC, Church Law/Religious Organizations attorney. Here are the top reasons why a church must consider hiring one.

An Attorney Can Help You With Accounting.

To maintain nonprofit status, you must have specific IRS (Internal Revenue Service) reporting and accounting for all procedures. A professional Sumter, SC, Church Law/Religious Organizations attorney can give you professional advice on lawful financial operations.

There are times when a religious organization receives questions from the media, the IRS, another attorney, or even a church member regarding a damaging or potentially sensitive issue. In such cases, a church must have a lawyer available on call to answer these questions. Other ways our lawyers can help religious organizations with finances include:

  • Contracts: Religious organizations tend to hire outside entities to help with their construction work, cleaning, landscaping, supplies, etc. A Lawyer must review all these contracts to ensure they comply with the financial rules and regulations.
  • Investments: Sometimes, a religious organization may decide to finance a project, issue bonds, or invest a significant amount. A professional Sumter, SC, Church Law/Religious Organizations attorney can help ensure that the investment is not overly risky and beneficial.
  • Internal Investigations: There are times when a church leader or member may be uncomfortable regarding a financial transaction or any other activity within the church. A lawyer can help ease their minds by ensuring everything happens legally and ethically.
  • Intellectual Property: Art, music, sermons, and even Sunday school lessons can be considered the intellectual property of the church. Laws related to intellectual property can be a little complex. An attorney can help churches understand intellectual property and how they should deal with it.

Lawyers Can Help With Crisis Management

Misconduct can be related to the church’s finances, elder abuse, sexual abuse, or any other issue that may damage its reputation or harm its leaders, members, or the public. The presence of a professional attorney is critical in any publicity, accusation, or private or public allegation of misconduct. Having a seasoned Sumter, SC, Church Law/Religious Organizations attorney before you get into a crisis would be the best solution for managing emergencies.


When a religious organization is hiring, terminating, or laying off employees, it must consider its state laws surrounding employment matters. A professional church law attorney can help you draft contracts and offer professional advice on different employment situations. A Sumter, SC, Church Law/Religious Organizations attorney can advise the church on how a church should structure employee and employer relationships to avoid any problems which may arise in the future. Attorneys can also help religious organizations take advantage of exceptions in the law that only apply to religious organization employers.


Church and other legal organization leaders, contractors, members, vendors, or volunteers who could potentially harm kids or others may slip through the security cracks. Maybe the church didn’t do a proper background check, or the church knew about prior sexual abuse but chose not to report it. In case sexual abuse does occur, you must get in touch with a professional attorney, as there are stringent timeframes for reporting such crimes. No matter what the circumstances, a lawyer can guide you on how you can prevent sexual abuse through procedures and policies.

Even though we don’t like to think that someone would want to sue a religious organization, member, or leader, it tends to happen more often than you may think. A Sumter, SC, Church Law/Religious Organizations attorney familiar with representing churches and other religious organizations must be involved as soon as possible when a lawsuit is threatened or filed.

A Lawyer Can Also Update The Church On Current Legal Affairs

All churches and other religious organizations are governed by specific laws similar to several businesses and other organizations. These laws tend to change quite often, and the church needs to be aware of any changes that may apply to them to remain in compliance with the law. Hence, all churches and other religious organizations must hire an experienced attorney to keep them abreast of any changes or modifications in the law.

Hire A Qualified Attorney To Help You Manage Your Religious Organization The Right Way!

Churches and other religious organizations of all denominations are not immune to lawsuits and legal issues. They must also work by nonprofit laws and adhere to accept financing, business practices, reporting, and fundraising. At our law office, expert religious organization lawyers can help represent organizations of all faiths in court. We have years of training and on-field experience dealing with religious organizations and can help guide you through the legal process effortlessly. With our expertise and professional guidance, you can ensure you follow all laws concerning religious organizations in your state. Get in touch with us today for better assistance.