Premises Liability

Premise Liability Lawsuits: What Is It And How Does It Work?

When someone owns a piece of land, it’s their responsibility to keep it safe if they allow visitors. However, there are still several reasons why an accident may occur. For instance, if you get injured at a grocery store or mall, you may have to learn more about premises liability.

Several states across the US have a premises liability law that helps them determine who is at fault and how they can prove negligence. Each jurisdiction may be unique in its regulations regarding accidents on someone else’s land. You must be familiar with all the rules if you wish to pursue reimbursement for your damages.

Different Types Of Premises Liability Accidents

Several different types of premises liability accidents may happen in a public vicinity. These accidents include:

Slip and Fall Accidents

When you visit a public area or a private property, several things could happen that may result in an accident. One common situation is when an individual slips and falls. A slip-and-fall accident could occur due to liquid on the ground or clutter. Even a very smooth pavement can also become uneven and act as a reason for a slip and fall accident. Even broken or weak stairs may lead to injuries. Several incidents tend to occur at workplaces like restaurants. Studies show that almost one million emergency rooms account for slip and fall each year.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming accidents may include equipment entrapment, diving board defects, and electrical defects. Some people might even experience near-drowning incidents and physical injuries if they are too close to another swimmer. A severe swimming pool accident may also result in fatalities. Some people don’t know how to swim, so all public swimming pools must have a lifeguard to help keep everyone safe while they are having fun.

Dog Bites

People who suffer dog-related injuries are way more than you think. Almost four million people get bitten by dogs every year. The dog owner’s responsibility is to keep their pets at a safe distance from strangers. When a dog is responsible for property damage or causes harm to someone, the owner will have to reimburse the victim. Several states have stringent liability laws for dog-related injuries regardless of the pet’s behavior history. The laws of your area may be a little different than other jurisdictions. Contact a professional Sumter, SC, Premise liability lawyer who can inform you about all your rights.

Negligent Security

Another example of a premises liability is lack of security. Some areas tend to have a higher chance of crime than others. Concerts, clubs, and other crowded places can benefit significantly by having a professional security guard on site. You can increase the overall security of your vicinity by having sufficient cameras and proper lighting. A property manager can be held liable if they don’t have well-lit parking lots or have defective or broken cameras. Even if the property has an untrained security guard, you have the right to file a lawsuit if an assailant hurts you.

How Does Premise Liability Law Work?

An accident could happen anywhere, and you may suffer severe injuries on someone else’s property. Several incidents may occur as a result of someone else’s negligence. You may wish to take legal action against the property owner but not know the rules regarding your right to sue. Most states in the US have a premises liability law in place for a personal injury accident. Generally, premises liability laws hold the property owner responsible for any injuries you sustain on their land. The owner must ensure that their vicinity is safe for all visitors. They must fix all issues in a reasonable amount of time. If you wish to win your case, you need to prove that the landowner was careless in maintaining their property.

Not every case of unsafe conditions meant the property owner or manager acted negligently. The property manager must be aware of the issue and should have taken suitable measures to fix any problems. The defense can even argue that they were not aware of the case. Hence, you must always have a professional lawyer by your side if you wish to increase the overall odds of reaching a successful outcome. A professional Sumter, SC, premise liability lawyer can quickly answer any queries you may have about your case and help you find justice in no time.

Contact A Professional Attorney For Legal Aid Right Away!

When you hire our Sumter, SC, premise liability lawyer to help you with a premise liability lawsuit, you ensure you get quick and fair compensation for your injuries. Our team has years of training and on-field experience dealing with such cases. We know what to expect and can easily guide you toward making the best decisions and reaching a fair verdict. Our attorneys can also help you by interviewing independent contractors or employees who work on the property. Most parties at fault may use excuses to avoid paying you for injuries or damages. However, as long as you have a seasoned premises liability attorney on your side, you will not have to worry about anything.