Child Custody and Visitation

Why Should You Hire a Child Custody and Visitation Attorney?

Are you going through a divorce case, or are you the unmarried parent of a child? Understandably, you might have several questions about child custody and visitation. When and where you will see your kids is most likely one of your primary concerns. As a parent, you will want only the best for your kids. All parents need to have a solid and close relationship with their kids.

Both parents should try and work together when making plans for their kids. However, if this is not possible, you can always ask a court for help. Either way, working with a Sumter, SC, Custody/Visitation/Support lawyer is helpful. Today’s article is designed to help you better understand all the basics of child custody and visitation, so you feel comfortable when speaking with your lawyer.

Everything You Need To Know About Child Custody and Visitation

Though they are pretty similar, visitation and child custody rights have a few essential differences that are worth noting. Child custody refers to your legal right and responsibility to make the best decision for your child and have your children live with you. On the other hand, visitation is the total time you spend with your kids and is an issue when one parent can’t get physical custody of their children. A professional Child Sumter, SC, Custody/Visitation/Support lawyer will work with you to determine what’s best for your child regarding child custody and visitation rights.

Custody is an umbrella term that includes legal and physical custody. Kids almost always live with a parent who has physical custody of the child and is responsible for making all day-to-day decisions regarding their child’s life. One parent receives custody of the child, and their ex-partner receives parenting time and visitation. Even though visitation and child custody are ideally used together, they are not the same.

In most cases, parents share legal custody, making all decisions regarding their child’s welfare. If one parent is unfit, the court might give the other parent sole custody of the child. When a parent gets sole custody, they don’t have to consult with the other parent before making any decisions regarding the child’s religious instruction, education, or medical decisions.

Making Child Custody Determinations

Making child custody determinations can vary based on whether the parents are getting divorced or have never been in a marriage.

Divorce case: child custody is generally addressed during a couple’s divorce proceedings. The parents have the option to form a custody agreement with the help of their Sumter, SC, Custody/Visitation/Support lawyers or mediators. If the parents can corporate and reach mutual grounds, their divorce case judge will take the final call, generally according to a state statute.

Unmarried: if the parents were never married, most statutes require that the mother be given sole physical custody. If the father wishes to take steps to establish paternity, the custody determination will continue just like it does in a divorce case. The parents can agree, or the judge will decide based on the child’s best interests.

Child Visitation

When parents don’t share physical custody, the non-custodial partner will be granted visitation. Like in child custody, both parents can agree on a visitation plan, or the judge can help them create one depending on the state statutes and the child’s best interest. Several jurisdictions require parents to develop a parenting plan, which can be helpful even if unnecessary. A parenting plan will help establish the child’s principal residence and the other parent’s visitation schedule.

The parenting plan will also address activities the kids are involved in and who must pick them up and drop them back home. Special days, like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and birthdays must also be addressed in your plan, so everyone knows what to expect. It will also be quite helpful if your parenting plan includes any modification instructions so if there is a conflict, you already have a plan to address it.

Look For A Qualified Lawyer To Represent Your Case.

You need to find the perfect Sumter, SC, Custody/Visitation/Support lawyer – someone who could help guide you through the process. You can find several accomplished family attorneys who regularly help parents fight for their parental rights. If you seek joint physical custody or other arrangements, professional lawyers can help you in no time. Visitation and child custody can be complex because laws vary depending on the state. Adding court and custody orders on top of that may lead to volatility and stress in one’s life.

A Sumter, SC, Custody/Visitation/Support lawyer will help guide you through your emotions and understand the process. They will also be able to help you negotiate better custody arrangements that are in your child’s best interests.

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