Big Truck Accidents

Research shows that there are around 500,000 big truck accidents in the US every year, out of which 5,000 result in fatality. Victims are forced to deal with debilitating and devastating injuries, damaged vehicles, unexpected medical expenses, and other severe consequences after a truck accident.

Only because truck accidents occur frequently doesn’t mean they are unavoidable. If a trucking company, truck driver, or another party’s negligence causes an accident that harms others, they must be held accountable for all damages and injuries accrued. An experienced Sumter, SC, big truck accident lawyer understands this and is always ready to stand up for you. Our team will demand justice by helping you file a claim against the responsible party and fighting to get maximum compensation for your damages and injuries.

It Is Common For Truck Accidents to Cause Significant Damage

The resulting property damage and injuries can be devastating when a big truck collides with a vehicle. While the truck driver might get away from the crash uninjured, the passengers in the smaller vehicle almost always suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries.

Unfortunately, the trucking company and their insurance providers may fight against your claim. They will deny causing the accident, try to stretch out your claim, or may even blame you for the accident to avoid paying for your injuries and damages.

Hence, you must hire a Sumter, SC, big truck accident lawyer to represent your interests in court. Most trucking companies will have a lawyer on their side who will do everything in their power to defend against liability claims, so you must also have a qualified professional looking out for your best interest.

It Can Be Complicated To Understand Trucking Insurance Policies.

In most auto accident cases involving two passenger cars, the injured party will seek a fair settlement from the accused party’s insurance provider. However, if you get injured in a car crash involving a big truck, multiple insurance policies and liable parties come into play. The firm that hired the driver will have liability insurance. The driver may also have their personal insurance policy. Several commercial trucks are covered by their specific insurance policies, and their cargo may also be under insurance.

Filing a legal claim against one insurance provider is complex enough, but dealing with so many companies can be even more difficult, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. An insurance adjuster’s job is to protect their firm’s bottom line. They can do this by denying or minimizing your total claim. Without hiring a Sumter, SC, big truck accident lawyer, you can get stuck in a nightmare of paperwork from multiple claims. It can be very frustrating since you are simultaneously trying to recover from your injuries.

Most big truck insurance policies have higher policy limits than usual. This is because they are meant to cover the devastating damages and severe injuries that tend to occur when a truck is involved in a collision. Insurers are incentivized to deny or minimize claims when significant payouts are involved. It is not the type of battle you should fight by yourself. An attorney with years of experience dealing with truck accident claims will have the resources, skills, and knowledge required to prove your claims.

Handling Multiple Parties Can Be Challenging!

Accidents that involve drivers who are self-employed truck drivers with their own trucks are most likely liable for all accident-related damages. However, many drivers work for big corporations that own a large fleet of trucks.

Other companies are involved, like some third-party cargo loading companies, maintenance companies, and the company that owns the cargo that may bear responsibilities. Successfully proving someone’s fault in an accident claim can be a little challenging, and identifying all parties liable after a truck accident will generally require the help of an experienced Sumter, SC, big truck accident attorney.

A Professional Lawyer Can Come Up With an Ideal Strategy

An experienced truck accident lawyer will better understand all the unique challenges such cases present and can develop a legal strategy to help increase your overall chances of success. They will do this by:

Collecting all liability evidence from logbooks, accident reports, mobile records, electronic GPS, witness statements, trucking company maintenance records, and background investigations.
Estimating the value of an accident by accounting for all your losses, including mental and physical pain and suffering
Working with a medical professional to evaluate all your injuries and estimate the costs of future treatment
Dealing with insurance providers on your behalf and handling negotiations

Do You Need Assistance with Your Truck Accident Claim? Contact A Sumter, SC, Attorney Today!

If you or someone you love has been in a collision with a big truck, it would be best to hire a professional lawyer immediately. Such cases generally involve critical injuries, multiple liable parties, and companies that will fight with all their might to protect their bottom line.

Our team believes you deserve the maximum compensation for your claim and will do their best to help you move on with your life like before. With a professional Sumter SC big truck accident attorney on your side, you can quickly get the compensation you deserve.